Terrific Fashions & Vocational Centre

Promoting Nigeria Made Products & Services -- ‘’Buy Nigerian; Use Nigerian"

As investment enthusiast, TERRIFIC INVESTMENTS LTD is involved in the strategic goal of making Nigeria made products and services acceptable. It is for this reason that we plan to operate a fashion outfit, vocational training centre as well as commodity exports, with our Terrific Fashions & Vocational Centre. For our economy to bounce back, it is important for all Nigerians to adopt measures that could assist in getting the nation to rebound from recession. It is a joint responsibility by all for Nigeria to take her place in destiny.

Nigeria is in a transition from supreme oil-dependency to a more diversified economy; and the nation is, therefore, taking steps to improve her economy through non-oil commodities and exports. Susceptibility of the domestic economy to external revenue shocks, when oil prices fall and projections into the future have resulted in Nigeria looking inwards to correct the imbalance in the national economy.  Nigeria occupies a strategic position in Africa as the continent’s biggest economy, harbouring about 25 per cent of the population of Africa.  Therefore, the economic diversification model that the country needs is designed to absorb fiscal shocks, fend off monetary instability, provide employment for the teeming work-age population, as well as generate more revenue for the citizenry and government to meet their commitments.

NIGERIA HAS A HUGE MARKET:  Developing the agriculture sub-sector of the country’s economy is a potent way to adjust and transform the Nigerian society. Beyond this, global agriculture itself is undergoing transformation. Population growth and changing consumption habits have started to drive up demand for food in multiple varieties. By year 2050, the world population will reach nine (9) billion. That means additional two billion people would require food in 35 years’ time, compared to now. Hence the need for the three tiers of Government, and particularly the private sector, to pay particular attention to encouraging local economic activities, particularly Made in Nigeria products and services, and utilization of raw materials.

NIGERIA’S IMMENSE POTENTIALS: The economy of Nigeria is undoubtedly the engine of the economy of West Africa, and even beyond. Nigeria is strategically located and well positioned to serve as a hub of economic activities forWest-Africa and even beyond. Given the demands of a fluid and dynamic world, the Commodities and Products Inspectorate Department of the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade & Investment isimplementing a clear and coherent policy designed to foster economic growthwithin a relatively short period. It welcomes interventions in Made in Nigeria

OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE: An array of resource-based investment opportunities exists in Nigeria. A critical review of the present economic situation indicates the need to strengthen the small and medium enterprises.

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